Top 10 Best Mass Effect Andromeda Mods to Enhance Your Gaming Experience!

As gamers, we know mods are exciting — they are designed to add a special touch to the game. There are many Mass Effect Andromeda mods, the best of which are compiled here!

Mass effect Andromeda is an action role-playing video game. It’s the fourth installment in its series. Like most other games, modulations (mods) help in making the gaming experience better. Here are a few Mass Effect Andromeda mods that we can use –

Shut up SAM

Frequent gamers will be familiar with SAM, short for the smartass machine. SAM gets triggered when the user is in danger. Sometimes, these triggers can prove to be troublesome. For instance, in snowy terrains, SAM becomes overactive and starts responding frequently. As the user gets deeper into the snow, SAM’s thermometer keeps dropping, which is a red flag.

Mass Effect Andromeda Shut up SAM Mod

This mod helps in controlling SAM and pulling down its defenses. Yet, critical information such as failing life support notifications will not stop coming. The mod is designed so to ensure that gamers get enough notices to save themselves, but not get flooded by them.

Road Rage

A user crashes a vehicle and causes damage, but what happens next in the game is quite different from real life. If we did that in the actual world, we would probably go to jail. But, in Mass Effect Andromeda, such situations count as minor damage. Lucky users!

Mass Effect Andromeda Road Rage ModThe Road Rage mod helps in this matter. If a user wants to take it up a notch and cause more damage on the road, this is the best option. It gives the power to multiply the damage by four times, which can decimate the victim on the road!

CC Overhaul

This mod is particularly helpful to attract people. To make a few heads turn. To even stun the enemy for a few seconds. Yes, we are talking about makeup. The CC Overhaul mod allows the gamer to apply as much makeup as they wish to. It is sure to put them in the center of everyone’s attention!

Mass Effect Andromeda Character Creation Overhaul Mod

The tools available range from lipstick to blush. It is key to use them wisely and not overdo them. If done in the right manner, it may even melt the most dangerous enemies into a pile of weaklings.

Flying Mod

Man’s biggest wish has been to own wings. It trumps all other abilities, especially in the current world where it is a pain to commute by roads. Similarly, in the game, whenever the user gets tired or wants to have some fun, this mod helps. The gamer can take off as per wish.

Mass Effect Andromeda Flying Mod

Like many other Mass Effect Andromeda mods, this one can be controlled by the gamer, like a real flight. The controls include switching camera angles and going up and down in the atmosphere. The gamer can also use the supersonic flight mode to zoom ahead. As this is not a regular feature of the game, it may surprise other users who are watching from the ground. The mod makes flying look very casual and effortless.

Better Squad

Like most games, a strong team can make all the difference. Better Squad helps in increasing the powers of the user’s team. It may not seem very significant, but it definitely shows and as a whole, it can be quite useful.

Mass Effect Andromeda Better Squad Mod

For example, the mod ups the team’s offensive and defensive passive powers when required. Eventually, it reduces the burden on the user, who doesn’t have to do it manually all the time. Further, it helps in shifting focus to the more important aspects of the game. With a stronger team, things only get easier.

Shorter landing times

It is quite common to see visuals after passing levels in a game. They give context and introduce the next level to the player. But sometimes these visuals are long and test everyone’s patience. They may even be useless and just the work product of someone’s imagination which is not relevant. The games sometimes don’t even allow users to skip these visuals, which can get very frustrating!

Mass Effect Andromeda Shorter Landing and Departure Cinematics Mod

The Shorter landing times mod helps in cutting the duration of these visuals. It allows the user to stop watching the visuals between the games. It reduces distractions and ensures that the user moves from one level to another quickly.


Sometimes, while playing Mass Effect Andromeda, the Ryder can be a bit slow. It can be irritating. As the name suggests, this mod increases the speed of the character. It makes the character sprint faster, jumps higher and greater distances.

Mass Effect Andromeda Hypermobility Mode

Of course, this means that we have to take extra care. One small step might end up becoming a giant leap. And we don’t always want that!

Romance for all

As the name says, this mod is all about love. Using this mod, the gamer can opt for a partner of their choice without any restrictions regarding gender. Unlike the older concept of opposite-sex love, the mod lets the user choose a partner regardless of their gender. For instance, a male Ryder can show interest in the man he works with. Similarly, a female Ryder can look for a partner in another female.

Mass Effect Andromeda Romance For All Mod

Among other Mass Effect Andromeda mods, this allows users to handle many relationships at once. The idea works well if it is part of the users’ strategy. But, these changes can alter cutscenes, as there is an insertion into the game (which wasn’t present before).

We had the blueprints

Like in the real world, users can face a cash crunch while conducting research, which can become an issue. Those studies are essential and help a user proceed in the game. But, they can prove to be quite costly.

Mass Effect Andromeda We Had The Blueprints... Mod

The mod will reduce the costs to undertake a research study. The cheaper studies will fall to a cost of 2 RP and the expensive ones to 5 RP, reducing the number of resources a gamer has to invest in the research.

Frosty tool suite

Needless to say, all the Mass Effect Andromeda mods listed above are exciting and very interesting to try. Anything that is not either one of those will not be popular among gamers, simply because they’re dull and boring.

Mass Effect Andromeda Frosty Tool Suite for MEA

But sometimes, there comes a mod that acts as an anchor for the rest of them. In simple words, without this mod, the other fancy ones don’t have a chance. They need a platform to function. One such mod is the Frosty tool suite.

Many other Mass Effect Andromeda mods need this mod to function. So, unlike the other mods listed, the Frosty tool suite has to be installed.


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